Jewels / Statuario Lunensis JW 12

Porcelain stoneware is a compact, resistant material with virtually nil porosity (and therefore absorbs almost no water).

Slab Size 1600x3200x12mm





A single material: porcelain stoneware.

The outstanding feature of porcelain stoneware slabs is their composition. Only the purest materials are used, with minerals, kaolin, feldspars and clay making up 99% of each individual slab, while colours from natural sources complete the aesthetic effect. No glues or resins are used to compact the slabs. To make the material homogeneous and compact, it is mechanically pressed at a ratio of more than 500Kg per m² and fired in kilns over 90 metres long at a temperature above 1,250°.

Mirage uses innovative technology to produce unique ceramic slabs, avoiding the repetitive textures and replicated effects typical of more traditional decorated ceramics. Each slab has its own unique identifying features. Mirage porcelain stoneware meets the criteria for innovative architecture with its ability to combine aesthetics and technological performance.

This is a product with a vitrified structure, low porosity and the ability to resist external agents, guaranteeing high impermeability to acids, dirt and frost. These porcelain stoneware floors and coverings are non-slip, abrasion and fire-resistant and comply with current international standards. Mirage’s designer solutions are ideal for installation in residential and public settings, even on intense foot and heavy traffic flooring, where they guarantee excellent durability over time and allow you to personalise any environment in the perfect way.


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